Cubplus "驕品" 香港品牌, 其作品創作靈感源自歐洲 18世紀皇室玻璃藝術收藏品. 我們將歐州著名國王玻璃"雕刻工藝, 結合自主研發的光學色彩技術, 從而創作出與別不同的玻璃鑄色技藝. 每件透過我們技藝鑄色的玻璃,均會呈現出獨特質感及色彩圖案。 而當遇到光線折射情況下,並會散發出一份瑰麗的立體感及色彩感,投影出像萬花筒般的光芒.

To Touch One’s Feeling

我們希望能透過每件作品, 配合文字,圖案及色彩, 令所有人也能表達內心最真摯的情感.

Cubplus, Hong Kong brand, whose creations are inspired by the 18th century European royal glass art collection. We combine the famous European "King Glass" carving process with the self-developed optical color technology, so as to create a unique" "Glass Casting" Technique. Each piece of glass cast by our technique will exhibit a unique texture and color pattern. When encountering light refraction, it will emit a magnificent sense of three-dimensional and color, projecting a kaleidoscope-like light.

"To Touch One's Feeling"

We hope that through each piece, with words, patterns and colors, everyone can express their most sincere emotions.